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Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers

Josh's Water Jobs

The Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers podcast, brought to you by Josh’s Water Jobs, brings you interview-style conversations between host Josh Newton (founder of JWJ) and senior- and early-career water and sanitation professionals about their water career stories, career advice, reflections, and more. By diving into the careers of prominent professionals in water and sanitation and into the journeys of promising professionals just starting out in their fields, we aim to initiate an intergenerational exchange, from which all members of the JWJ community can learn. You can listen to this podcast in an audio format here, or visit our platform at www.joshswaterjobs.com or our YouTube channel to watch both the full-length and shortened video versions of these conversations. This podcast and Josh’s Water Jobs are generously supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).