Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers

Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers with Antonella Vagliente

September 14, 2021 Josh's Water Jobs Season 1 Episode 1
Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers
Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers with Antonella Vagliente
Show Notes

In this episode of the Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers podcast, host Josh Newton is joined by Antonella Vagliente, the co-founder and director of Young Water Solutions

Inspired by her father, Antonella has focused her attention on water and youth empowerment from a young age. In 2015, along with a colleague she met through the World Youth Parliament for Water, Antonella co-founded and is now the director of Young Water Solutions, an organization that develops and supports the potential of young people to contribute to universal water, sanitation, hygiene, and water resources management. In this episode, she shares with Josh the rewards and challenges of starting an international non-profit organization, and what it is like, not only supporting social entrepreneurship, but also going through the process simultaneously herself.

Talking with Josh, Antonella shares advice to help both peers and senior professionals succeed in their work, including reflections on creating your own job, advice to follow your excitement when looking for career opportunities, how to re-frame challenges as learning opportunities, amongst much more. You will hear about how she decided to overcome a tough moment on her career journey, deciding whether or not to leave her home country of Argentina, and the exciting places her choices led her, amongst other stories from her career journey thus far. 

Tune in to hear Antonella’s wise advice for senior career professionals, as she advises connecting with young professionals from a place of equality. She also poses a thought-provoking question for our next guest!

You can watch and share a shortened version of this podcast episode in vlog format, here, or you can watch the full-length interview in video format, here

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