Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers

Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers with Deepesh Jain

October 13, 2021 Josh's Water Jobs Season 1 Episode 3
Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers
Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers with Deepesh Jain
Show Notes

In this episode of the Diving into Water and Sanitation Careers podcast, host Josh Newton is joined by Deepesh Jain, a young water professional from India, who is currently completing a mission as a humanitarian worker with MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders) in Sierra Leone, where he has been supporting the construction of drinking water and waste water infrastructure in a maternity hospital. 

When asked about a body of water meaningful to him, Deepesh describes a rainwater drain near his home in India that he has watched over the decades turn into a sewage drain. He reflects that witnessing this evolution was part of what inspired him to get involved in water and sanitation. In his career thus far, Deepesh’s contributions exemplify what can be accomplished with both technical and social sciences training. As a Civil Engineer with a Master’s degree in Water Policy and Governance, Deepesh has contributed to engineering design, social engineering, community engagement, philanthropy, impact investing, strategy consulting and humanitarian work, within the sphere of water and sanitation.

In his conversation with Josh, Deepesh shares a variety of reflections on his work, such as the route he took to join MSF’s environmental health division overseas, and what motivated him to pursue his Master’s degree, after first working as a design engineer. Deepesh offers valuable advice for those starting out in their careers, advising anyone looking to join the sector to reflect thoughtfully about which sub-sector of the broad fields of water and sanitation they are most passionate about. Deepesh asks big questions about the future trajectory of water and sanitation, continuing the conversation this podcast fosters between junior and senior career professionals. Deepesh also discusses the best advice he has received, about investing in education, which when followed, has proven true and valuable in his own career journey. Tune in to hear that story, among many others! 

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